Devatec SAS, France .. has been innovating in research and manufacturing humidification solutions for 30 years.

Devatec which combines dynamism and competence is currently present in more than 70 countries on the 5 continents. Hence, to solve your problems of humidification choose Devatec solutions which are recognized by all its users for their reliability and their high technology.

Product List

  • Self-contained electrode Humidifiers
  • Resistive Type Humidifiers
  • Compressed Air Humidifiers
  • Centrifugal Atomizer

Armstrong International, Belgium/USA .. more than a century of sage knowledge and in-depth experience has made us uniquely skilled in designing and producing the rugged, reliable products that successfully reduce emissions and improve energy efficiency for customers all over the world.

Our products and packaged solutions consistently deliver best-in-class quality as they work together to create the most intelligent system solutions.

  • Live Steam Humidifiers
  • Adiabatic Humidifiers
  • Steam Specialties